Men's Altra Torin 3.5 Mesh - Black / Neon

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Men's Altra Torin 3.5 Mesh

The new updates to the Torin 3.5 will have you running in style and comfort. The upper has a brand new mesh with enhanced breathability, and an integrated tongue. The midsole still has the cushioning that allows for comfort and performance. Altra's Footshape Toe Box allows your foot to relax and spread out naturally.  Along with the natural feel from your toes in the toe box, Altra also offers the Zero Drop Platform which puts your heel and forefoot the same distance from the ground to encourage natural, low-impact running form.

  • Neutral Shoe
  • Weight: 8.4 oz
  • Insole: 5 mm
  • Stack Height: 28 mm
  • Drop: 0 mm (Zero Drop)